CES 2013 Wednesday Keynote Samsung Chief with Bill Clinton, Video Here

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aNewDomain.net — At the CES 2013 Wednesday Keynote Samsung President Dr. Stephen Woo had former U.S. President Bill Clinton on stage. Why?

At CES 2013 Wednesday the Samsung Chief and Bill Clinton event begins at the Venetian at 9 a.m. Pacific. Check it out below.

This is speculation, but could a sexy Clinton appearance supporting Android-based Samsung tech be payback for the huge democratic support Google has provided the Obama campaign. Remember, Google chief Eric Schmidt was offered and turned down the post of treasury secretary recently … and just moments ago, Schmidt was out calling for an open Internet in North Korea? There’s more than one way to define “open” and both definitions are in Android’s — read Google AND Samsung’s — interests.

Or could Clinton be there to support Google, by way of Samsung, in its efforts to stop such patent assertion firms — patent trolls like Intellectual Ventures — via the FTC-DOJ investigation of patent trolls reportedly in the works? Then again, perhaps it is something entirely out of the ballpark, something to do with Clinton’s foundation, maybe. Or an opportunity to play sax for a bunch of geeks? We’ll know shortly.
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At 9 a.m. Pacific Tuesday, tune into the Samsung and Clinton keynote livestream here, video shot and produced by International CES and media outlet CNET.

Samsung has already risen to the top spot as the vendor with the most intriguing announcements at the show, most of which it announced at its press-oriented Monday briefing, the day before CES 2013 officially began. Scroll below the fold for a video wrapping those up. Some of these new products — particularly the giant TV it showed — are jaw dropping.

Here’s more on Samsung’s slew of major announcements from CES 2013 What could be left? Sax playing. That’s the ticket.

We’ll add other live streams to this page from other vendors as they announce product at CES 2013 Wednesday. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, here’s a video Samsung has provided on Youtube about its CES 2013 activities and its myriad of major announcements there so far. Worth watching. Here’s our coverage of the major TV and service announcements Samsung made.

Video summing up its press announcements so far, source: Samsung USA Tube Youtube Channel

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