CES 2013 Wednesday Live Coverage: David McCabe, Jim Collison

From the showfloor at CES 2013 Wednesday Samsung Curved OLED displays, Bill Clinton’s odd appearance at the Samsung keynote, Panasonic, Sony, Intel and other announcements are explored down to the last spec. Watch David and Jim’s CES coverage all week long — live and recorded — at surfacegeeks.net. We syndicate here at anewdomain.net.

This is Live CES 2013 Day 2: HomeServerShow/SurfaceGeeks Coverage, produced by theAverageGuy. Hosted by our David McCabe and Jim Collison and running all week a few times a day live with revolving hosts — this one features aNewDomain.net edit director Gina Smith, +Rich O’Neil and Mike Martis

The gang goes deep geek on the the latest CES 2013 Samsung, Sony and Panasonic announcements. If you want all the details on the 20-inch tabletop Windows 8 tablets Lenovo and Panasonic announced here this week — or wonder what’s behind Gina’s complex theory surrounding President Bill Clinton’s appearance at the Samsung president Dr. Stephen Woo’s keynote today — check it out here in depth. No relation to Dr. Wu — scroll below : )

Check out CES 2013 Wednesday Samsung Curved OLED, 4K Display Showfloor Event Roundup, below, taped live.

CES Live Coverage video running all week long via David and Jim. Live events viewable all week at homeservershow.com and surfacegeeks.net.
Source: InternatinalCES 2013 day two: HomeServerShow/SurfaceGeeks live coverage. Produced by theAverageGuy

The conspiracy theory, btw, doesn’t involve Steely Dan’s cryptic Dr. Wu song, either. But it’s viewable in youtube below in honor of art director, anewdomain.net launch member and guitarist Jonathan Hoffberg.

Steely Dan, Dr Wu: Via Stepdown 7777 Youtube Channel

Don’t miss this latest installment on the guys’ live rocking CES 2013 coverage. ED: Pardon Gina’s poor video and sound quality. That’s her old Windows XP machine rocking a Google+ hangout — but we all agree, in the end, that content beats quality. Usually. Except when a blue hat looks like underwear on your head. LOL.