Missed it? Apple iTunes 11.1, iTunes Radio, iCloud News Explained

Written by Brian Burgess

So focused on the Apple iOS 7 release details today that you missed key news about Apple iTunes 11.1, iTunes Radio and more? Here’s a deep dive … here’s the big stuff you need to know about. Apple iOS 7 overshadowed it all. Our co-founder Brian Burgess .. to the rescue.

aNewDomain.net — With all of the focus on the launch of Apple iOS 7, don’t overlook the fact that Apple updated some of its other software and services, too. Here’s a look at what you might have missed while the tech world pretty much focused solely on the pros and cons of the big new mobile release of iOS 7.

Everyone is thinking now about iOS 7, I know. They’re staring at screens like this one. But scroll below for some key final and open beta releases Apple announced on iOS 7 day, too.
iOS 7 iPhone 5S
Image credit: Apple

Did you notice the new Apple iOS 7 iCloud.com design? Check it out below.

The final version of the brand new iCloud website is now available. It’s been redesigned to match the iOS 7. And it has redesigned versions of Mail, Calendar, Reminders, Notes and Find my iPhone.

New iCloud

The beta versions of iWork for iCloud are available, too. This is the free suite of productivity apps, among them Pages, Numbers and Keynote. These are intended to compete with Google Docs and Microsoft Office Web Apps.

Pages iCloud

Most underplayed event of the day — the new Apple iTunes 11.1 for Windows and Mac

Lost in the Apple iOS 7 news was something big — there’s an update of Apple iTunes to 11.1. After you install the upgrade, you’ll see it pushes the new iTunes Radio feature right away. This new feature offers 250 stations by default — and it lets you easily create your own station choices. If you subscribe to iTunes Match, there’s more good news. The streaming content is ad-free.

Pushing iTunes Radio

Adding new stations is as easy as it is in other established streaming music services like MOG, Spotify or Xbox Music. Just select a music genre — or search for a specific band, artist, album or even a specific song to start building your stations.

Add Radio Station

Apple iOS 7 paired with iTunes lets you sync with iOS 7. Also, the new iTunes rev on iOS 7 lets you use iTunes to sync your favorite music, movies and other rich media content to Apple devices with iOS 7 installed. Finally, iTunes now makes it easier to quickly organize and sync apps to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It was pretty easy before. So this is an even-bigger plus.

And check out those podcast stations. Apple execs announced you now are able to create custom stations of your favorite podcasts that update automatically with new episodes. Your stations, subscriptions and current play position sync over iCloud to the Podcasts app.

iTunes Radio iOS 7 iPhone 5

Here’s how to download iTunes 11.1 for Windows and Mac

For aNewDomain.net, I’m How To gallery editor and site co-founder, Brian Burgess.

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  • Great piece, Brian. All your stuff is so damned good. Thanks for the tips on iTunes 11.1. I DID miss it.

  • The problem I have with iTunes Radio and the Music app on iOS in general is the lack of control over downloads. I was playing with the radio and downloaded a few songs but they weren’t added to my purchased playlist automatically or any of my smart playlists. The user should be able to make/edit/delete playlists including smart playlists (that auto update) and add ratings and have it sync between devices through iCloud …

  • iTunes was missed by Mac users because it wasn’t showing up in Software Updates. I had to manually install it twice. Maybe by now Apple has corrected this issue.