Web Design Trends: What’s Up and Coming Now

web design trends
Written by T.E. Wing

Time to give that old website a makeover, don’t you think? Here are some of the latest web design trends …

You already know how critical web design is. After all, it dictates how the world sees, grasps and absorbs information about you and your company. So here are some of the latest web design trends so you can stay on top of things.

Bolder color

Pastels are still popular, but more and more companies are choosing to make a bigger impact through the use of bolder color palettes and fonts. Bold colors bring more attention to your brand, after all. Consider taking the risk and trying out bright yellows, reds and oranges.

Asymmetrical layouts

Perfectly symmetrical text and graphics are so expected. Experiment with asymmetrical layouts that put pictures in different quadrants with text overlapping.

White space

It used to be a trend to have color everywhere on a webpage, but things are changing. Always a standby in high design, the strategic use of white space is a super hot trend right now.

Web designers are even making the abundance of white space the focal point instead of the content. Doing so will make the eye travel all over the page, creating an effect on the page that leaves no text unread.

Huge text

Brands with shorter catchphrases and mottos are increasingly opting to display that text in a huge way. They might even be the only text on the entire website. This screen-dominating feature not only puts content first when it comes to web design, but it is a surefire way to grab the reader’s attention.

3D illustrations

Designers are adding components of depth to a page by incorporating 3D designs to their websites. Not only does it add realism, but it really makes what you see on the page pop.

Start slow. Even just a 3D character could be enough to blur the overstated boundary between the real and digital worlds. Next time you add a 3D image to a post or page, make it 3D and watch what happens.

Retro colors

Sometimes trends come in and out of fashion, and in the case of 2019, this one is back to play. Think 1980s bright floral patterns and geometric shapes, subdued 1970s muted colors, and stripes from the 1990s. This also goes for fonts, as well. Large bubbly fonts in addition to jagged, 1980s hair metal-themed fonts are all the rage. Not only will this bring back nostalgia, but it will make a webpage stand out from among the crowd.

If you are looking to create a new website, take these new trends for a spin and see what you come up with. Try to hone in on your own creativity, but if you need some extra help, there are professionals who are experts in web design in Orlando and other major cities who just waiting to help you out.

Remember, when it comes to design, there’s no such thing as going too out of the box, so use these trends to spark the next website of your dreams.