Infographic: Office Artwork and The Inspired Workplace (Really)

inspired workplace kerry james marshall plunge
Written by David Street

Here’s why you shouldn’t ignore office artwork. Turns out artwork can boost energy and efficiency, and even inspire. It’s the Inspired Workplace infographic. Nice …

aNewDomain — Art where you work isn’t just some shallow, pretty thing to ignore, in the end.

It is possible, according to recent research, to actually use artwork to make your workplace more efficient and cheerful — and definitely a lot more energizing. All that data can be found below in the below infographic, called The Inspired Workplace. Check it out.

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CP_Infographic_Inspired Workplace infographic_WEB

For aNewDomain, I’m David Street.

Cover image of Kerry James Marshall’s painting, Plunge (1992). It was the 10 most expensive piece of artwork to auction in 2016. All Rights Reserved.