Eric Finkenbiner: Five Top Android Apps You’ve Got to Have

These are hands-down the top Android apps for productivity, says our Eric Finkenbiner. — I’m always looking for best apps to get the most out of my Android device. Here are five of my favorites in the productivity category. My top Android apps for productivity recommendations are: CamScanner, Handrite, Evernote, Quickoffice Pro and Schematic Mind.

CamScanner (free to $4.99) When you’re on the go, a scanner isn’t always handy. CamScanner, from IntSig Information, will let you turn your smartphone camera into a PDF scanner.

It lets you just take a snapshot of a document or image and turn it into a PDF files. The app lets you stitch them together, password protect them and, even, distribute them with Android’s built-in share feature at some point later. CamScanner is freeware but I recommend you get the $4.99 version. The pay version also will let you remove CamScanner watermarks from your docs. CamScanner is available now in Google Play.

Here’s a shot of CamScanner below.


Handrite  (free to $2.99) Don’t get me wrong. I love the new Android 4.2 gesture keyboard. But in the end, there is no substitute for the old-fashioned handwritten note. Handrite lets you take notes and it will lay them out for you, too.

It’s also possible to change the width and color of your writing. Or tweak the digital paper style and the amount of handwriting delay built into the app. Handrite is available now in Google Play. Check out a screenshot below.



Evernote (free) It’s a no brainer. You absolutely must have Evernote for maximum Android productivity. The official Evernote app for Android syncs with your Evernote account, allowing you to access and edit notes direct from your Android device.

It also lets you upload pictures from your gallery. Or grab new ones from your favorite camera app.

Another benefit: This app lets you update your Evernote account on the fly. For extra Evernote goodness, download the separate Evernote widget, too.


Quickoffice Pro ($14.99) / Quickoffice Pro HD for Tablets ($19.99) To create new docs check out Quickoffice Pro and Quick Office Pro HD for Tablets. These apps cost the big bucks and they are worth it.  They allow for direct syncing to Google Docs, Dropbox and other cloud storage systems.



SchematicMind (free) Mind mapping is cool. Complex problems or projects are ideal for mind mapping apps. Mindjet is cool — but there is a freeware app that lets you get going with this right away. It’s called SchematicMind. Talk about clean interface. Snag a free copy of SchematicMind for Android on Google Play here.


 Eric Finkenbiner, based in Rangoon, is senior technical editor at