Netflix Beats the Street, Google Buys Fabric: Jan 19, 2017 Tech News

Written by Mike Olsen

In today’s tech news for Jan. 19, 2017, Netflix quarterly results wow, Twitter sells Fabric to Google and the future of Faraday Future is questionable …

aNewDomain — Here’s today’s morning tech news for Jan. 19, 2017.

NetflixFirst up, it’s Netflix’s world and we are just living in it. The streaming media superpower just-released earnings beat expectations across the board.  In Q4, Netflix added 1.9 million subscribers, blasting past Wall Street’s estimate of 1.38 million.

Internationally, it added 5.12 million subscribers vs. a Wall Street estimate of 3.78 million. Netflix stock surged 8 percent on the news.

It’s an amazing turnaround from 2011 when Netflix split its streaming service and DVD service and the company needed a $400 million investment to prop up business.

Also, in a somewhat surprise move, Twitter is selling its mobile app development platform Fabric to Google.

Fabric services over 580, 000 developers and should be in good hands with Google’s Firebase team. The move signals that Twitter might still be acquired as it looks to streamline its business.

After a turbulent 2017, South Korean giant Samsung received a bit of good news today, as a court dismissed a warrant for the head of Samsung Group. The troubles are not over for Jay Y. Lee, who is caught up in the bribery scandal that led to the impeachment of the South Korean president.

Although the arrest warrant was dropped, Lee still faces the possible conviction in the case that has rocked South Korea.fabric

In other news, Business Insider reports the future of ‘Tesla killer’ Faraday Future may be in jeopardy. The company is said to be desperate for investment and executives are leaving in droves. Slack gets threaded messages.

Oracle is facing a federal suit charging employment discrimination. Android users will need to wait a bit longer for Super Mario Run. YouTube is getting more social. Watch out for this sneaky Gmail scam.

Finally, those Zuckerberg running for president rumors aren’t going away.

I’ll be back tomorrow with tech’s top stories delivered to your digital doorstep.

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