Samsung Galaxy S4, Google Now for Apple iOS, TV Futures: TWiT with Leo Laporte

Nilay Patel, Molly Wood and Joanna Stern join TWiT with Leo Laporte for the tech news week ending Sunday, March 17, 2013. Samsung Galaxy S4 launches, Chief Google Android Andy Rubin exits and what about those Google Now for iOS leaks … It’s TWiT with Leo Laporte. Click in to see Leo do a jig with our John C. Dvorak, Jerry Pournelle, Ant Pruitt and Gina Smith. — It’s This Week in Tech — that’s TWiT with Leo Laporte. The show is wrapping up the week in tech news culminating Sunday, March 17, 2013. Joining Leo this week are Nilay PatelJoanna Stern and Molly Wood. Topics include the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch, Android chief Andy Rubin’s departure from Google, the Google Now for Apple iOS leak and juicy inside details on the future of TV — if there is one. And then there’s Leo doing the jig with our John C. Dvorak …

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The wiki page for TWiT with Leo Laporte includes extra show notes, too. And click here to see Leo doing the jig with co-founders Gina Smith, John C. Dvorak, Jerry Pournelle and Ant Pruitt.

Leo would like us to point out that Winamp for Android provides audio bandwidth for This Week in Tech … it features, he says, wireless sync, one-click iTunes import, free daily music downloads and full-length CD listening parties. Check it out. It’s available for free download at

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