South Carolina Considers Swapping Confederate Flag with Gay Pride Flag

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Written by Daniel Zweier

The Confederate flag is likely to come down, but what is going up?

aNewDomain/Skewed News — We have anonymous reports that the Confederate flag is under siege!

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Karen Hunter, State Senator Paul Thurmond, and a bunch of other people are considering taking down the Confederate flag and hanging, in its place, the streaming rainbow of Gay Pride.

The Confederate flag, which hangs outside the State Senate house in South Carolina, has been under heavy scrutiny after the massacre in a Charleston church on June 17, 2015.

Haley anonymously said that she thought of the incisive idea when she looked at a cartoon that spread over social media in the wake of last week’s Supreme Court decision – the legalization of gay marriage. The image is shown below.

confederate flag gay pride flag

Note: the original creator of this cartoon did not draw the panels for the Pride flag. This is posted widely on social media.

“We could actually do that,” Haley anonymously said of the comic. “I mean, you know, bring down the Confederate flag amid screams, and raise up the Gay Pride flag … I said FLAG. You heard me wrong.”

It would be raised among screams as well, but it seems clear, ever since South Carolina decided to re-raise the Confederate flag in protestation of desegregation in 1961, that the State Senate house is the perfect location for a cause-flag.

That’s a flag that stands for a cause.

“The cause-flag is a great concept,” Haley’s aid explained in an unknown location, “because that’s all a flag really is, right? A drawing of a cause. I guess that’s redundant, now that I think about it … ”

The debate continues on when, how and why the Confederate flag should, will, won’t and might come down. But among all the uncertainty it still seems fairly certain the U.S. will, by force of social media, popular opinion and overwhelming political incorrectness, bring it down soon.

The question remains: What sort of flag are they going to put up?

For aNewDomain and Skewed News, I’m Daniel Zweier.

Featured image: Pride Flag by Michelle Covington via Flickr

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