Electric Forest Festival, Day 4: Blue And Happy

Electric Forest Festival, Day 4
Written by Terry Gardner
Electric Forest Festival, Day 4terry-gardner-anewdomainaNewDomain — Day 4 of the Electric Forest Festival fell with fearless correspondents Sarah and Katie Rostamo growing increasingly abstract in their reporting.
(See their other reports on the Electric Forest Festival here.)
We bring you there, not live, right now:
Aunt Terry: Sarah, Katie, how’s it going? Have you phoned your Mom?
Aunt Terry: This Human Avatar Project looks fascinating! Apparently you can upload your image and become part of the “Internet consciousness experience.” These two look like they might have taken it a bit far, though. Did you do this yet?

While we wait, vigilant, for Sarah and Katie to emerge safe from The Matrix, or The Forest, or just the hassle of checking in with nagging editors, please enjoy these photos taken by ever-working photographer, Katie.



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 All Images: Katie Rostamo for A New Domain, All Rights Reserved