ION Audio: Redefining Audio, Vinyl and Cassette Comeback (video)

Written by Sandy Berger

Vinyl, turntables and cassettes aren’t dead. Far from it. Here’s Sandy Berger with video on retro tech from Ion. — It’s interesting when new technologies are integrated with inherently old stuff, giving us great new devices with a retro look and feel.

If you haven’t yet heard about the resurgence of vinyl records, you will. It doesn’t matter whether you are rediscovering them again, or if you’ve never feasted your ears on an old turntable, that old tech has been infused and reborn.

ION Audio was at CES 2014 to show off turntables with built-in speakers. These devices give youngsters a chance to enjoy the rich sounds of vinyl while also providing the older generation with a hassle-free way to play our vinyl records.

These turntables even have built-in technology that lets you digitize the vinyl, finally getting all that wax onto a hard drive.

Check out ION’s new Bluetooth cassette and its usable Wi-Fi enabled scanner. As I drive a 2002 Volkswagen Beetle with a cassette player,  I was psyched to learn that the ION cassette will not only give my car Bluetooth capabilities, but it will also allow me to do hands-free calling in my older car.

For, I’m Sandy Berger.

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  • These retro gadgets are pretty cool. I often tell friends of mine with huge vinyl music collections to digitally transfer their music using devices such as the one shown here. My iPod Nano with DLO FM transmitter case is still in pretty good shape but Bluetooth should make the whole process even better. There are still lots of car cassette players and boom boxes around. Walkman? Walkmans? Walkmen? Walkpeople? :)