Meet Brant David: Senior Writer at aNewDomain

Written by Gina Smith

Why does Brant David write? Let him count the ways. Meet Brant David, senior writer at aNewDomain. Here’s how to reach him with ideas and comments … — Brant David McLaughlin — aka Brant David — is a Milford, NJ-based senior writer for Follow him at +Brant David on Google+ and

Why does Brant write?  He tells me:

Being unafraid of and uninfluenced by the opinions and vagaries of the mass-produced mentality, I write because of an endless fascination with the universe. I write because I like to stare in and out of windows. But most of all, I write because of an insatiable appetite for gnawing the bark off trees.

Check out Brant David’s piece rounding up some of the coolest, most evocative drum solos over the last 90 years here. Welcome to the team, Brant David.