Julie Blaustein Vid Pick: President Obama First Term Photo-Mashup Video

Written by Julie Blaustein

Check out this Jeremy Tubbs video. Compiled for presidial.org, it’s essentially a mashup of 2,500 photos taken during the President Obama first term in office. You don’t have to be an Obama supporter to appreciate the tech behind this. To find out where, whether and how aNewDomain.net stands politically, click in.

aNewDomain.net — Check out this video by Jeremy Tubbs. It’s a mashup of some 2,500 photos that chronicle the President Obama first term office. Clever use of tech, no matter where you stand on politics. (To see where aNewDomain.net stands, scroll below the fold.)

Watch the video below.

President Obama – Reelin’ in the Years – via Presidial.org from Jeremy Tubbs

Jeremy created it for Presidial.org and Vimeo is featuring it now. Jeremy Tubbs Studio offers this and other creations for sale in Etsy here.  Learn more about Presidial and the Etsy shop Jeremy used to promote his creation by clicking the above links.

For aNewDomain.net, I’m senior photojournalist Julie Blaustein.

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