New Gmail Ads Take Over Screen

Written by Sandy Berger

Google tries a new ad format in Gmail. Sandy Berger gives a thumbs down for the new Gmail ads. — Having ads in Gmail is nothing new. They’ve been around from the very beginning. This morning, however, I was quite surprised to find two new ad changes in my Gmail. The first thing that I noted was that the strip ads which were added a few months ago when Gmail added the new tabbed format now had graphics in them.

Google strip ad

Image credit: Sandy Berger

It was when I clicked on the Promotions tab, that I was really surprised. The entire width of my screen was taken over by this large popup Gmail ad.

Gmail new ad

Image credit: Sandy Berger

The text in the ad reads: “What’s this? It’s a new type of ad which you can forward to a friend or star to save in your inbox. If you dismiss this ad, you won’t see it again.” Above the ad was an obvious place where you could dismiss it. That’s nice, but I absolutely hated that my email browsing was being interrupted by an ad. And I don’t think that I ever in my life wanted to email an ad to a friend. I don’t think I would keep very many friends if I junked up their email boxes with ads.

Today I only received one ad like this in my Promotions tab. Perhaps this was done on a trial basis since this new ad format didn’t appear in several other Gmail accounts that I tried. I’ll have to wait and see how many more of these new ads I get, and if they appear in other tabs as well.  I am, however, already checking out Yahoo! mail.

Note to Google: If I find these Gmail ads obnoxious, others will too.

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  • Were being bombarded by advertising at every turn and its getting very tired and boring! I prefer the value for value model as experienced with No Agenda:-)