Meet Pat Meier-Johnson: Senior Commentator at aNewDomain

Written by Joy Ma

Meet Pat Meier-Johnson, technology PR professional, world traveler, art buff, photographer and painter. — What happens when you grow up with four generations in the same house, your grandmother was an opera star in Vienna and taught voice, and your grandfather was an oil painter, architect and engineer who helped build the Baghdad railroad? You end up being fearless and curious with a love for the arts and technology.

Pat Meier-Johnson has spent years in technology PR introducing many multimedia, hardware, mobile and app companies. She also feeds hungry reporters at her famous Lunch at Piero’s press events during COMDEX and CES. She and her husband, Russell Johnson of (also a regular at, are avid travelers who make a point to visit local craftspeople, top museums and art installations around the world. It was when they attended a week-long advanced photography course in Maine that Pat decided that she simply had to dedicate more time to her chosen medium — oils. She and Russ live in Sonoma, Calif., where they have no shortage of subjects to photograph and paint and write about.


After graduating from San Francisco State University, Pat spent several years in Bay Area radio and TV, working as a graphic artist and cartoonist at San Francisco’s KQED public television station. Years later she hosted a local tech talk show. She loves doing interviews and sharing people’s stories, and she launched Pat Meier Associates Public Relations as one of the first woman-owned high tech PR companies. She’s worked with many of the innovators involved in the underpinnings of technology today, including a major computer chip company, early music video CD-ROMs, multimedia encyclopedias, a travel booking engine, computer graphics companies and video streaming technologies and apps of all kinds.

For, Pat will explore the nexus of technology and art, bringing you stories, interviews, videos and photos about the people and events where digital and analog creative arts meet.

Welcome, Pat!