Luxury Technology Show: MWE Labs Emperor 1510 LX, Extreme Pod Seating

Written by Alfred Poor

Crazy extreme pod seating! Meet the MWE Labs Emperor 1510. Alfred Poor looks at the tech in this high-end pod, appropriately from the Luxury Technology Show. — Imagine a workspace customized to your every need. All the information within a glance, your computer and other devices that you need close at hand, all while you recline in an ergonomic chair that provides physical support. If this sounds like your dream workstation — and money is no object — you’ll want to take a look at (and inside) the Emperor 1510 from MWE Labs.

I saw this space-age pod at the Luxury Technology Show in New York City. I found it to be the most-interesting exhibit in the room, which is a lot to say considering the hot new red McLaren sports car was nearby.

Starting at 21K, the Emperor 1510’s motorized seat has a partial dome that houses five LCD monitors, and you can raise or lower the dome so that you can end up encased in your workspace. A remote control lets you adjust the built-in sound system, which gives new meaning to the concept of “surround sound.” The MWE Labs Emperor 1510 has adjustable lumbar support and massage features, too. As if you’d expect anything less from such extreme seating.

Take a tour of this awesome pod as I interview the co-CEO and designer of MWE Labs’ Emperor 1510, Martin Carpenter:

Whether you want to concentrate on your work tasks, or simply get wrapped up in an awesome gaming environment, the MWE Labs Emperor 1510 is so much more than just a desk. It’s just … plain … extreme.

For from the Luxury Technology Show in New York City, I’m Alfred Poor.

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