Luxury Technology Show: Peloton Cycles Ever Forward (video)

Written by Alfred Poor

At the Luxury Technology Show, Alfred Poor does a deep dive on the tech from Peloton Cycle — while cycling. Video, analysis. — At the Luxury Technology Show in New York City, I checked out Peloton Cycle, a company that has taken an ambitious view of that familiar piece of gym workout equipment: the stationary bike. If you’re like me, you have a hard time staying focused on your exercise session at the gym or at home if all you’re doing is watching TV or listening to tunes. You could take a spin class, but that means getting to the gym on time and it may not always fit your schedule.

Peloton Cycle has taken a ground-up, vertical approach to transforming your exercise experience. The company has designed a stationary bike along with a state-of-the-art video control panel with touch screen technology that is then tied to the company’s own software and cloud-based content distribution.

The result is a bike that can track all the usual metrics about your workout, but then also stores them in your profile so that you can retrieve the information. Peloton Cycle also produces live spin classes every day and broadcasts them to you so that you can participate in real time. If you can’t make a live class, you can also take an on-demand class any time you want, complete with an encouraging instructor and some motivating music. You can even have a live video chat with a friend while they are on their Peloton bike.

I learned all this and much more in an aNewDomainTV video interview I conducted with Peloton Cycle’s founder and CEO John Foley. Check it out below.

Video: Alfred Poor for aNewDomain/shooter Al Green, exec producer Justin Webb for aNewDomainTV

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