Luxury Technology Show: Jetson Bikes Roll Out in Style

Written by Alfred Poor

At the Luxury Technology Show in New York, our Alfred Poor is there as the next Jetson Bikes roll out. Here’s what’s new. Tech analysis plus video. — The folks behind Jetson bikes showed up at the Luxury Technology Show with more ways for you to make your daily commute more energy efficient. Jetson is rolling out new bikes in its fleet of electric bikes.

The shiny red original model of the Jetson electric bike made headlines awhile back when Oprah Winfrey featured it as one of her “Favorite Things.” Now Jetson is expanding with additional Jetson bike models.

The new Jetson bikes include a tiny model for small children and a pair of new mountain bike models. Each uses a powerful lithium ion (LiO2) battery that takes four to five hours to recharge, and one charged battery can power the larger Jetson electric bike models at speeds up to 20mph for up to 40 miles.

The original Jetson electric bike model will carry two people. Jetson bikes, I should note, even give you an option to get a bit of exercise. The electric bikes let you supplement your ride with pedal power.

Here’s the video I did for aNewDomainTV at the Luxury Technology Show. In it, I interview Jetson president Josh Sultan, who has more details. Check it out.

Video: Alfred Poor for aNewDomain/shooter Al Green and Justin Webb for aNewDomainTV

Jetson bikes let you become the other half of the powertrain for your own hybrid electric vehicle, whether it’s for running errands around town or getting to work for pennies.

For, I’m Alfred Poor.

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