John C. Dvorak: On HBO’s Silicon Valley (review, full episode here)

Written by John C. Dvorak

John C. Dvorak reviews HBO’s Silicon Valley, Mike Judge’s new series. Video of full first episode included here. — Mike Judge, the movie maker best known for his scathing take on office life in the movie Office Space, has been in the business of harsh ridicule since the days of Beavis and Butthead. So everyone on the West Coast has been looking forward to his latest venture on HBO, a satirical jab at Silicon Valley by that exact name, Silicon Valley.

Episode one of HBO’s Silicon Valley, embedded below, just aired. And it’s not satire.

It’s actually painful to watch because Judge, who has a background in tech, nails the tech scene to an unnerving extreme. It’s that dead on.

He could have also named the show “Kids with Too Much Money,” or perhaps “Douchebags of California,” or just plain “Drips.”

All of the usual suspects — up to and including the most-arrogant Silicon Valley blowhards and posers  — are portrayed in this series. It will be interesting to see exactly where the series heads. Check out season one, episode one of HBO’s Silicon Valley, below.

Video: HBO YouTube Channel

For, I’m John C. Dvorak.

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  • But wait, Im Mark Pugner and were both commenting on Marks article….Listen to No Agenda on Thursday & Sunday!

  • I watched about ten minutes — that was enough of the trite dialog and bad acting (caricatures, not characters) for me.

  • I don’t know, Larry. It was a DEAD ON! Lived in the valley 20 plus years. So many of those conversations true to life. The speech about college — that guy did it in a perfectly drole and perfect in every other way Ellison accent. It killed me. Acting or not — I couldn’t see past the reality of it all. It almost hurt to watch!