How to Use Pic Resize for Photo Editing: Freeware Friday

Written by Mike Rothman

Pic Resize is a free web-based tool that provides simple and effective photo editing solutions. Here’s how to use Pic Resize, Mike Rothman’s pic for Freeware Friday. — A picture is worth a thousand words. But artlessly-cropped or improperly-resized pictures are worth a whole lot less. That’s why my freeware Friday pick this week is Pic Resize. It’s a free, ad-supported, web-based tool that provides simple and effective photo-editing solutions.

According to execs, the site has been serving up processed images since 2005 and continues to do so at the rate of more than 25,000 images per day. Scroll below the fold to find my instructions on how to use Pic Resize.


Image credit: Thinkstock

How to use Pic Resize

Pic Resize couldn’t be simpler to use. From any modern web browser, just drag and drop your image into the indicated box, or use the provided dialog box to upload a batch of images.


Screenshot image credit: Mike Rothman

Next, click Continue to open a dialog allowing you to set your resize parameters.

Select cropping and add special effects.

After that you’re able to preview the result and download the processed image.

Pic Resize lets you upload most common file formats, including BMP, GIF, JPG/JPEG and PNG, and it will process files of up to 100MB. You can set a specific pixel width and height or set just one and let the program retain the existing proportion. You can also shrink the file size or specify a maximum file size.

Pic Resize promises to automatically delete your image from its servers 20 minutes after completing the resizing, and even offers customizable links which you can embed in your own site to extend its functionality. Or if you wish, you can install its bookmark to send any picture you find on the web to Pic Resize.

Need help?

Pic Resize offers user support by email. Alternatively, you can join the Pic Resize Facebook page if you want to follow news and best practices in the use of this tool.

That’s it. Simple, useful, free and as close as your nearest browser. Give Pic Resize a try the next time you need to make simple edits to pictures or images. There’s nothing to lose. For, I’m Mike Rothman.

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