NSA PRISM: Online Tracking Infographic, On the Verge of a Vote

Written by David Michaelis

Check out this NSA online tracking infographic — mind-blowing. The latest on the NSA PRISM flap from our David Michaelis.

aNewDomain.net — Tracking errors. So say the defenders of the NSA, following the huge NSA-privacy revelations as revealed by Edward Snowden.

Scroll below the fold for an incredible online tracking infographic.

But first, this from the Washington Post:

Read about or join online activists at the website “Defund the NSA,” in order to help collect signatures in support of a legislative amendment that would bar federal funding for warrantless surveillance of Americans.

Recently a vote on the amendment to defund the NSA’s domestic surveillance program fell short by 12 votes despite a coalition of support between liberal Democrats and libertarian Republicans. Shortly after, the Electronic Frontier Foundation tweeted that despite the proposed amendment’s failure

… over 200 representatives send a strong message that NSA spying must end.”

The Senate Intelligence Committee will review the issue this week.

U.S. senators will have to understand the new tech realities as I’ve pointed out to aNewDomain.net readers just this week.

This time it seems more politicians get the idea of tracking and what it means.

Maybe U.S. President Obama might get the message, but I’m not betting on it.

Washington changed him. And he did not change the security mindset of Washington.

Track him and your representatives here — see where they stand on U.S. Fourth Amendment protections.

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