Happy Birthday aNewDomain: Your Top 111 Favorite Stories in Tech, Science

Written by Gina Smith

It’s two years since we launched aNewDomain. Founded by Jerry Pournelle, John C. Dvorak and me, we’re a big site now. Here’s a collection of our best stories. We’ll add to it until we get to 111 — honoring our 11.11.11 launch date. Keep checking to find the most-unusual and authoritative mix of tech, sci and geek culture content available anywhere.

aNewDomain.net — At 11:11:11 p.m. on Nov. 11, 2011, a group of editors who served with me on the all-star journalist and IT pro team we called teamBYTE started a new domain. In fact, we called it aNewDomain, thanks to the inspiration of our editor Brian Burgess. The founding team included John C. Dvorak, BYTE legendary columnist Dr. Jerry Pournelle and many of the best tech journalists and IT pros I’ve ever worked with via BYTE and other tech publications.

Click Meet the Team to find the whole gang. And to find our ethics statement and more about us, click here. And so, on the occasion of our two-year anniversary, here are the top 111 stories we’ve run that you loved the most. Enjoy! We sure have. Watch closely as we continue to build out aNewDomain.net, our Linux site aGNUdomain.com, aNewDomainTV and other properties. We’re getting larger. See how far we’ve come. And scroll below to find out about hiring opportunities at our growing startup. The opportunities are stellar.

We know you’ll get a unique experience when you spin through the virtual pages of aNewDomain.net. Our sweet spot is tech, but we cover cutting-edge science and space stories, math, physics, music, food, you name it. Check out some of the highlights from the last two years. Whether it’s a How To gallery, deep-tech analysis piece, breaking news, commentary or a review, the content our team produces always aims to provide a perspective we bet you won’t see anywhere else. Here’s what you loved, according to the stats, but in no particular order. Mixing it up for your reading pleasure. We’ll add more stories in our celebration week to come — Gina Smith, editorial director.

Mike Elgan on Google + and Why It Rocks So Hard by Mike Elgan

Carey Head: Ubuntu for Everyday Use, How It Worked For Me by Carey Head

How To Get Your Google+ Vanity URL (gallery) by Brian Burgess

Jerry Pournelle: View from Chaos Manor and The Avengers by Jerry Pournelle

Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview: How to Fix Device Driver Compatibility Issues by Ant Pruitt

Ted Rall Cartoon: NSA? Call It the Notional Sophistry Agency by Ted Rall

Tech Travelers: How Not To Be An Ugly American Geek by Gina Smith

NASA Kepler Discovery: Three Habitable Planets? Discovery, Video, Infographic by Gina Smith

Steve Wozniak: I Never Criticized New iPad, Reporters Got It Wrong (exclusive) by Gina Smith with Steve Wozniak

Computer History Museum: First 2000 Years of Computing, Photo Gallery by Richard Hay

Three Years of Sun in Three Minutes: NASA Video by Gina Smith

Nikon Small World Contest: Microscope Time Lapse Photos by Tom Ewing

Chess You Can Rook To by Dino Londis

The Ultimate Friday the 13th Infographic by Gina Smith with Joy Ma

The Environmental Impact of Video Games, infographic by Gina Smith

Richard Hay: On Winning the Carmack Prize, How AeroPac Did It, Details by Richard Hay

TED Talks: Flying Robots with Vijay Kumar by David Street

Infographic: 13 Terrible Things That Happened on Friday the 13th by Joy Ma

NASA DTN Protocol: Interplanetary Internet, How It Works, What LEGOS Have to To With It by Tom Ewing with Gina Smith

Pi Day 2013: Partying for Pi and Pi Facts for 3.14159 by Gina Smith

Quantum Entanglement: Photons as Particles and Waves At Once (video) by Gina Smith

John C. Dvorak Chicago Hot Dog, California-Style by John C. Dvorak

Paul Bonner: Terrible Tablets or Terrible Journalism? by Paul Bonner

John C. Dvorak: On NSA Spying, Are Americans Now Our Enemies? by John C. Dvorak

Eduardo Saverin: Facebook Co-founder Renounced U.S. Citizenship to Avoid Taxes? by Gina Smith

Asus Transformer Prime: Why I Unlocked My Bootloader by Eric Finkenbiner

Apple TV Android Freeware Roundup: Review by Russ Johnson

EXCLUSIVE — Apple Founder Inventor Steve Wozniak: Why I Love My Windows Phone 7.5 Mango by Dan Patterson with Gina Smith and Todd Moore

Upgrading Your Mac in Six Easy Steps (Cartoon) by Jeremy Lesniak

Mike Elgan: The Astonishing Economics of My Nomad Life Abroad by Mike Elgan

The Anatomy of a Great Website: Infographic by Joy Ma

Google Docs: How to Use Its New Spell Check and Auto Correct by Brian Burgess

Playon.tv: Not Ready for Prime Time by Larry Press

Dear Tim Cook: Letter from an American Dad, Apple iOS Parental Controls by Alan Wallace

MS Surface Pro Rocks with a Docking Station (round up and review) by Alan Wallace

How To Install Adobe Flash Player on Android 4.1 and Higher by Brian Burgess

Trey Ratcliff: San Francisco Before Sunrise, Photo of the Day by Trey Ratcliff

How to Enable .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.5 in Windows 8.1 for Older Programs by Brian Burgess

Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview: How to Fix Device Driver Compatibility Issues by Todd Ogasawara

Amazon Kindle Fire: How To Change Your Email Signature by Brian Burgess

Amazon Kindle Fire: How To Save Images You Find Online by Brian Burgess

Ant Pruitt Invitation to Ingress: How to Play Ingress, Pros and Cons review by Ant Pruitt

Trey Ratcliff: How to Upload Photos to Google+ with Albums (video) by Trey Ratcliff

Ant Pruitt: How DLNA is Simplifying My Multimedia by Ant Pruitt

Apple TV Android Freeware Roundup: Review by Russ Johnson

Windows 8.1: Great Utilities for Data Transfer by Alan Wallace

Who is VirnetX? Apple To Pay $368 Million to IBM? NSA? CIA? Who? by Tom Ewing with Gina Smith

How to Set Up Netflix Profiles for Multiple Viewers and Manage Them (gallery) by Brian Burgess

Tim Downs: Adobe Creative Cloud Review, War on You by Tim Downs

Ant Pruitt: Hisense Pulse for Google TV Review, Real Bang for the Buck by Ant Pruitt

How To Create a USB Recovery Drive in Windows 8.1 by Brian Burgess

iPiccy for Android, iOS: Photo Editing, Gina Smith Exposed by Marc Klempf

Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: Delete Multiple Emails at Once in iOS by Brian Burgess

CISPA: What Is It and How Is It Like SOPA? (infographic) by David Street

CrushFTP 6 Enterprise: FTP Server Packs Extra Punch (review) by Erik Vlietinck

Apple iPad: How to Use Join.Me to Remotely Share Screens Among Desktops and iOS Devices by Brian Burgess

Man Toys: What I Wish You’d Buy Me — But With Your Millions, Please by Gina Smith with Tom Ewing

Ten Mega Corporations Predict Your Shopaholic Addictions (infographic) by David Michaelis

Eurovision 2012: Who Wins First Place? Finals Today and Saturday by Tom Ewing

John C. Dvorak Super Bowl Tech: Kaepernick, Expendable QBs and NFL Futures by John C. Dvorak

R.M.S. Titanic: Video Tour of the Undersea Wreck Site and Google Map by Jeremy Lesniak with Joy Ma

John C. Dvorak: On Popular Science, Idiocy and Trolls by John C. Dvorak

San Francisco Car Race Bullitt Style: Fred’s Weekend Video (amazing) by Fred Lewis

R.M.S. Titanic Pictures: High-Res Whole Ship Image Gallery (NationalGeographic.com) by Jeremy Lesniak with Gina Smith and Joy Ma

Steve Jobs Action Figure: InIcon Halts Production Under Pressure from Jobs Family by David Street

From OS Rumors to Release: The Development Cycle (comic) by Dino Londis with Jeremy Lesniak

Star Wars Full Scale Millennium Falcon Project: Underway and Geeky by Gina Smith with Tom Ewing

Pikinis for iOS: On Rating Bikini Photos, Madison Andrews Comments by Madison Andrews

Social Media Goes Red in Support of Marriage Equality by Joy Ma

Logitech TV Cam HD Review: Easy, Great for Skype by Jeremy Lesniak

Jurassic Tech: Todd O’s Sony Mavica FD71 Circa 1998 by Todd Ogasawara

DOJ-FTC Investigation of Patent Trolls Intellectual Ventures, Mosaid, RPX in Works? Exclusive by Gina Smith with Tom Ewing

John C. Dvorak on SOPA: Don’t Get Suckered by What Comes Next by John C. Dvorak

Focal Free Irish Translator: Freeware Friday by Julie Blaustein

Detroit Auto Show 2013 NAIAS Livestream: Toyota, BMW, Corvette C7 Stingray Wows, Vids, Links by Gina Smith

Ted Rall: Ask Big Daddy, Credibility Counts (cartoon) by Ted Rall

Apple Siri: What She Might Look Like by Gina Smith

Apple iPhone 4S: Cheap Yellow Sunglasses Test Screen Quality — Really! by David W. Martin

Gmail Fun: Play the Classic Snake Game in Gmail by Chris Poirier

Apple April 1 Anniversary: History of Apple (est. April 1 1976) by Gina Smith

Steve Jobs: Macworld Keynotes Year by Year by Gina Smith

We Are One: Meet aNewDomain.net, Team Roster (LAST YEAR’S ONE-YEAR-ANNIVERSARY MESSAGE) by Gina Smith

Social Media Explained: In Donuts (NPR) by Dino Londis

HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Compared: Seth Heringer Deep Dive by Seth Heringer

Path for Apple iOS, Android: Mobile Social Network Review by Chris Miller

Planetary Resources Inc: Tech Billionaires Announce Arkyd Mission, Asteroid Mining by Gina Smith

How to Use Auto Awesome in the Wild, Animated GIFs by Richard Hay

Apple iPad Display Shoot-Out: Apple iPad Retina Display vs. iPad 2, iPhone 4 (Introduction)

John C. Dvorak: On Morgues and Microsoft Stores by John C. Dvorak

The Sizzling Hot Apple iPad Skillet: Caption Contest (We Have a Winner!) by Dino Londis

Google+ Redesign, App Update, Instagram for Android: Coincidence? Hardly by Staff

Northern Lights Glow in Stunning Space Images of Earth (video and photo) by Gina Smith

Android: Four Reasons To Root Your Smartphone Now by Eric Finkenbiner

April Fools’ Day 2012: Stats, Tricks and April 1 Tech Pranks by Joy Ma

Forty Year Mobile Phone Anniversary: Motorola DynaTAC, History of the Mobile Phone infographic by Gina Smith

Skype, Evernote, Fresh Paint, News Bento: Best Windows 8 Apps Right Now by Sandy Berger

Tech Time: My Mickey Mouse Watch Then and Mickey Now by Todd Ogasawara

Facebook IPO Official: Facebook Goes Public, Raise is $5B and We’re Off by Gina Smith

How To Fix Your Website: Avoid These Five Mistakes by Sarah Peters

Full Body Scan Airport Video: What TSA Officials See, Plus Tech Explainer by Gina Smith

Apple iPhone Gold: Bling Your Own Device by Jeremy Lesniak

True Tech Support Horror Stories: Part Three (Open to READERS) by Jeremy Lesniak

Android Counterclank: Android Market Trojan Debacle Unfolds by Eric Finkenbiner with Mat Lee

I Knew Gates and He Was No Steve Ballmer, MS CEO Resignation Letter, Commentary by Gina Smith

Seth Heringer: Verizon’s Dangerous New Data Plans by Seth Heringer

Isabelle Dinoire Face Transplant Before and After Images, Podcast: State of the Art by Gina Smith

Fifty Years: Martin Luther King I Have a Dream Speech video, Malcolm X debate, infographic by Gina Smith

Ted Rall: On PRISM and Passwords, Why Aren’t Americans Freaking? by Ted Rall

John C. Dvorak: U.S. Gathers Passwords — Dump Free Email Providers Now by John C. Dvorak

Declaration of Internet Freedom: 35K Worldwide Sign On So Far by Tom Ewing

John C. Dvorak Tech Stock Corner: NYT Drives, Tesla Dives, Who’s Buying Now? by John C. Dvorak

Apple Mobile Safari: How to Save Images To Your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch by Brian Burgess

John C. Dvorak: Bogus Einstein Quotes Don’t Prove You’re Smart by John C. Dvorak

The Big Red Button: Push To Add Drama (video) by Marc Klempf

On 4K Panel TVs: Great TVs, Rotten Monitors, Alfred Poor Deep Dive

Star Wars Uncut: Crowdsourced Fifteen Seconds At a Time by David Street

NSA PRISM: Whistle Blower Edward Snowden Nobel Peace Prize 2014 Nominee by Gina Smith

Countdown: Five Days to the End of the World infographic by Gina Smith

Ted Rall: Down the NSA Rabbit Hole, FISC News and the Death of Reason by Ted Rall

Windows 8 Parody Video Roundup, Larry Ellison Bonus Inside by Gina Smith

Quadrocopters: What Are They and Why Are They Assembling Buildings and Playing Pong? by John C. Dvorak with Gina Smith

Apple Store Public Hotspot: Wild WiFi Action by Dan Patterson

Han Solo in Carbonite: Etsy iPhone Case with Serious Geek/Nerd Appeal by David Street

Windows 7: How To Create a System Restore Point by Brian Burgess

Gina Smith: Why Google Should Dump Its Do No Evil Credo Now by Gina Smith

Strange Bedfellows: ACLU + NRA vs NSA by Gina Smith

Viral Video: Expert Shark Handler Nina Salerosa (amazing!) by Gina Smith

CES 2013 Wednesday Keynote Samsung Chief with Bill Clinton, Video Here by Tom Ewing

How to Delete Your Facebook Account (GroovyPost) by Brian Burgess

Kid Hacks in the Middle of Fox News (worth a repeat!) by Larry Press

In the last two years, our stories have been picked up by every major media outlet in the world. We thank the mainstream, tech, science, sports and popular press for its support. We’re happy to note that, while we couldn’t afford to pay anyone in the beginning, aNewDomain.net is now a healthy ongoing concern. We’re hiring. We want to hear your story ideas.

We are always looking for great writers and editors to join our top-drawer team. Contact us if you want to be a part of our group. We especially embrace the Google+ community — that service launched in beta just after teamBYTE relaunched its venerable property. We are all deeply entrenched in +.

As co-founder and edit director, I want to provide my infinite thanks to this dedicated team of writers, editors, cartoonists, video/podcast hosts and producers. The best is yet to come. Cheers! Gina Smith, editorial director and co-founder, aNewDomain.net.