April Fool! Google April Fools Day Videos and All Gag Roundup

Written by Gina Smith

April Fools 2014 pranks from Google and April Fools Google gags through the last few years … Remember Google Maps for 8-bit NES? How about Google Fiber, the supplement? The dietary supplement. Google has a great track record of pulling April Fools gags and producing April Fools videos. Check out our selection here. If you have a favorite we’re missing, let us know at gina@anewdomain.net.

aNewDomain.net — The Taylor Swift vs Beyonce Google Play gag was, as one writer put it “epic.” In honor of April Fools Day 2014 and April fools everywhere, here’s a list of Google April Fools Day videos and gags through the ages.

Click here to see my favorite Google April Fool’s Day video for April 1, 2013 — RIP YouTube. Keep an eye on this story for April Fools Day Google gags for 2014.

My favorite for April Fools Day 2013 was the Google introduction of Google Nose. Just call it somniferous. Search for smells with Google’s new scentified database. What does a new car smell like? Ask Google Nose.

Video: Google

Scroll below that for a list of some of my all time favorite Google April Fools videos.

Overall, my personal Google April Fools video of the last few years was called Google Fiber. No, not the high-speed Internet access project in Kansas City. The fiber bar. As in: You eat it.

The April Fools Google Fiber Bar gag is below. Of all the Google April Fools videos, this is my fave. Google used the gag on April 1, 2012.

Credit: Google YouTube Channel

No Google April Fools Day video round up would be complete without a mention of this notorious Google gag, released a day before April Fools Day last year. Remember? It’s a new way to enter day when you’re mobile. A two button, Morse Code based virtual keyboard. Introducing Gmail Tap.

Credit: Google YouTube Channel

Google last year announced on March 31, 2012 that it would make Google Maps available for 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment Systems (NES). “Try it on your browser by going to http://maps.google.com and clicking Quest in the upper right hand corner of the map,” the mock release said.

Credit: Google YouTube Channel

Done any multitasking in Chrome lately?

Credit: Google YouTube Channel

Credit: Google YouTube Channel

Slatester spotted this Google April Fools video first — back in 2011. It had me going. And it still is funny. Gmail Motion. OMGLOL and all that jazz. This thing should get an award or something.

Video Credit: Slatester
Remember the Taylor Swift Beyonce gag? Type: Taylor Swift into Google Play search and see what happens.

Ah, save yourself the trouble. Check it out below. And I’ll repeat the comment from the journalist at Geek.com.

Happy April Fools Day 2013!