Google Gears Up for ISP Competition

Written by Larry Press

Google is currently looking at 34 cities in nine metropolitan areas for potential ISP fiber installations. — Following the news that Comcast bought Time Warner Cable (and thus reducing the playing field by one less media company), Google announced its interest in jumping into the ISP market. It is currently looking at 34 cities in nine metropolitan areas for potential Google Fiber installations.

Image credit: Google

Image credit: Google

This is not a complete surprise, however. Google has been totally transparent about its intention to expand its reach. The Mountain View, Calif., company is evaluating opportunities in nine secondary markets such as Portland, Salt Lake City, San Antonio and Nashville.

I realize that a large installation would be daunting. And that explains why Google is testing the waters outside New York and Chicago. But jumping into a major market like Los Angeles, for example, would provide a valuable learning experience. In fact, Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles, is actively looking for a fiber partner for his city. And you have to admit, a partnership between LA and Google would make a lot of people happy.

Full disclosure: I live in Los Angeles, and I would be one of those happy people. My chance of getting fiber dropped to less-than-zero when my phone company (Verizon) decided to get out of that particular business.

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