NueVue Case with Biocide, Microfiber: Cleans Smartphone Guck, Germs

Written by Alfred Poor

Our Alfred Poor checks out the NueVue case for phones. Its biocide-impregnated microfibers rapidly clean smartphone smudges — and 99.9 percent of microbes after two hours. Here’s Alfred’s analysis and his video for aNewDomainTV. When a case is not a case … — Alfred Poor takes a long look at NueVue and how NueVue cases with microfiber and biocide tech work to clean germs, microbes and smudges off your smartphone screen. Analysis and video below.

When you hide your smartphone away in its case, your case probably doesn’t do anything more than just protect your phone from bumps and scrapes. What more can you expect from a smartphone case? The folks at NueVue think you should expect a lot more.

NueVue cases have a special microfiber lining, execs told me. The microfiber is designed to wipe away fingerprints and other smudges on your phone’s display screen. And the biocide-impregnated microfiber also kills bacteria and germs, as I explain below. Check out my aNewDomainTV video below the fold for a tech explainer on this.

The microfiber lining inside the NueVue cleans marks left in the microscopic depressions on the surface of the glass. And the microfiber-impregnated biocide is capable of removing 80 percent of all bacteria and microbes on the surface of the phone in 10 minutes. After two hours in the NueVue case, the so-called BioCote biocide kills 99.9 percent of the microbes on the smartphone, NueVue execs claim.

Based in the United Kingdom, NueVue’s cases ship worldwide. NueVue cases are available in a variety of colors and designs, too. So while your case keeps your phone safe from scratches and dings, it will also keep your screen clean and kill off any nasty bugs at the same time. Not a bad combo.

Here’s the aNewDomainTV interview that I conducted with NueVue’s Diana Mitra at the ShowStoppers press event at MWC 2014 in Barcelona.

Video: Alfred Poor for Al Green and exec producer Justin Webb for aNewDomainTV

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