AKwong: This Week’s Five Funniest YouTube Videos

Written by Alex Kwong

The five funniest YouTube videos this week, according our whizkid and manga artist, Alex Kwong. Get your Herp de Derp on …

aNewDomain.net — After I wind down, laugh and procrastinate, I wrap up the five YouTube videos I found funniest this week. Know that these run three to 30 minutes long — and they just might make you forget what you were doing.

First up is the Herp de Derp. We know you know you know herping from derping. I bet we’ve all done it.

Herp de Derp

Video credit: YouTube Channel

From the studio that brought you “Meet the Sandwich” and “Mann vs. Machine” comes a passionate story filled with love, montages and bread. Here’s Expiration Date.

Video credit: HerpdeDerp YouTube Channel

And here’s everything that’s wrong with the worst Transformers movie in the series, arguably. Beware: Heavy use of logic and reasoning ahead.

Video credit: YouTube Channel

Below it’s time for Ray’s Heist! Will he get away with the money or get backstabbed by his crew?

GTA V Ray’s Heist

Video credit: YouTube Channel

Below, join jour giggly friend SeaNanners in another round of Prop Hunt. Will he live to laugh another day? I know you will, now …

I Can Smell You

Video credit: YouTube Channel

For aNewDomain.net, I’m Alex Kwong.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Alex Kwong, 18, is a writer and manga artist. He searches out and delivers his signature YouTube and Vimeo video roundups for aNewDomain.net. Alex, 18, is a gamer. Find more of his work on DeviantArt.

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