Fitness Apps: Water Your Body

water your body featured
Written by Daniel Zweier

Thirsty? Water Your Body for Android will keep you hydrated and healthy.

aNewDomain — The essence of life, that which makes grass grow, the key to everything on our planet: water. It seems obvious, but making sure you drink enough water is necessary for your survival and enjoyment of life. And you’d think in a world where many people have access to drinking water, actually staying hydrated wouldn’t be an issue, right? But it is. I forget. Do you?

water your body 2Some of the best apps around are those with a simple, clear intention. Water Your Body for Android is exactly like that. It’s a free app that realized this issue with our forgetful, ever-moving society. Sometimes we don’t drink enough water. Dehydration makes you sleepy, angry, short-tempered and generally unhappy, and this app aims to help with all that.

All you have to do is download the free app and enter your weight. Water Your Body will tell you how much water a day you need and set up reminders to help you drink. Simple as that. There are some features, like customizable cup sizes and smart reminders, but the app’s practical nature is its best feature.

Grab it (and a cup of water) today. Consider these wellness apps as well.

For aNewDomain, I’m Daniel Zweier.

Images in order: A Tall Glass of Water by Enid Martindale via Flickr; Screenshots courtesy of Google Play