CES 2014 Innovation Awards: Vuzix V720 HD Video Headphones

As CES 2014 jiggers up, judges announce they’ve awarded Vuzix two innovation awards for the Vuzix V720 HD Video headphones. Full 3D HDMI support for gaming …

aNewDomain.net — CES 2014 judges today announced that they’ve awarded two CES 2014 innovation design and engineering awards to Vuzix for its V720 video headphones. The product won in these categories: Headphones and Wireless Handset Accessory.


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According to company reps, the V720 sports an enormous fold-up 720p display. The point is to engage wearers in a detail-filled IMAX-like movie experience.

Founded in 1997 to bring VR and AR headset tech to industrial and other commercial markets, public company Vuzix (VUZI:QB) is squarely targeting the V720 HD video headset at gamers, industrial users, government workers, and other mobile entertainment consumers. Rochester-based Vuzix offers this latest in its long line of VR and AR products.

The V720 video headphones easily connect to personal computers, mobile devices like tablets and smartphones and, of course, gaming consoles. Audio is standout, reps claim, and the V720 HD video headset fully supports 3D HDMI content, too. Watch for our review, coming soon.

Co-developed with Nokia, the VR headset relies on Vuzix’s patent-pending waveguide optics technology.

Watch this space for more specs — plus continuing tech analysis and pricing information as we update this story. We’ll have more details for you on waveguide optics tech, too.

Vuzix is a veteran in the wearable tech sector. This is the 10th year in a row the Rochester firm has won a CES innovation award, Vuzix CEO Paul Ravers said, pointing out that the wearable tech market is rapidly growing — and set to explode in 2014.

Watch for a deep aNewDomain hands-on review of these V720 HD video headphones at the CES 2014 Showstoppers press event, where we’ll kick off our coverage of CES 2014 in Las Vegas.

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