Paris Apple Store Robbery News: Apple Store Heist Videos (roundup)

In the wake of the high-profile robbery of Paris flagship Apple store, we rounded up surveillance videos of Apple Store heists and news stories over the years. Apple needs better security, clearly, or at the very least armed Apple Geniuses. — Police in Paris today say thieves on Monday ripped off several thousand euros to a million euros ($1.2M US) worth of Apple products on New Year’s Eve from its flagship store there.

In its wake, we rounded up Apple Store heist videos — news and surveillance. Find them below the fold.

Armed robbers entered the flagship store, located behind the Paris Opera, at around 9 p.m. (1900 GMT). Police backed away on initial reports of the value of the iPod, iPad and iPhone devices stolen, perhaps because of the difficulty of calculating suggested retail cost versus the actual cost of real goods.

The pic below is from Apple’s site announcing the new Apple Store in the Paris Opera district. Posh. Now, why the delay in the news?


The delay in reporting the crime is typical. Police often hold up announcing a large theft such as this to give them time to find the suspects. So far none has been found.

According to the Paris Police Union’s Christophe Crepin four thieves — armed and in masks — escaped in a Mercedes Van. The Paris Police were busy New Year’s Eve, he added, watching the Champs Elysees New Year’s Eve revelers. Excellent timing for the thieves. We’ll keep you updated on this. In the meantime, check out this video roundup of Apple Store robberies in recent years.

As an aside, Apple should consider adding armed guards — or at least armed Apple Geniuses — to its staffs given the rising spate of such robberies. Check out the round-up of surveillance videos of Appple store heists around the world below, following the most recent video news on the Paris Apple Store heist.

The following is in French.

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(Tom Ewing and Gina Smith, both former police beat reporters, contributed to this story)

This surveillance video shows security footage of a New Jersey heist from three years ago. The editor snipped it down to 30 seconds and added a soundtrack. Apple Store robberies have become so common they are the stuff of memes.

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Here’s video from a September 2012 Apple store robbery in Temecula, CA, where three suspects entered a Southern California Apple Store by driving a BMW through the front windows. Video below.

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Most Apple Store heists typically occur at night with no one harmed. The one shown below is an exception. It’s an Apple Store heist gone wrong. One person was left dead. Not suitable for viewing at work or at home.

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