Movies by Flixster with Rotten Tomatoes: Freeware Weekend

Movies by Flixster with Rotten Tomatoes is our weekend freeware pick. This top app now supports AirPlay, so you can watch movies and TV on the Apple TV. Nice.

aNewDomain — My freeware pick this weekend is Movies by Flixster with Rotten Tomatoes for iOS. It now features Airplay support. The new revision — version 6.12.1 — is humming away on the Apple iTunes store. It’ll work on all Apple iPod touch devices, Apple iPads and Apple iPhones running Apple iOS 6.0 or later, but it’s now optimized for the Apple iPhone 5.

moviesbyflixtr1The big news? This rev’s addition of Airplay support means you get the ability to watch Ultraviolet movies and TV shows from your collection on your Apple TV, a feature a lot of us have been waiting for.

And of course there’s that support for Rotten Tomatoes’ most-excellent movie reviews, as you see on the Apple iPad screenshot at left.

If there’s a catch with this app, it’s that there’s no obviously easy way to add movies to your collection within the app.

Click here to find Movies by Flixster with Rotten Tomatoes for iOS and find out what other folks who’ve downloaded the latest rev of this top app have to say about it.

For aNewDomain, I’m Kevin Marcus.

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