Epic Chinese Game Immortal Conquest: Fegelein Reviews

Written by Puching Zhang

Our gaming scribe, Fegelein introduces and reviews Immortal Conquest, a blistering MMORPG from China.

aNewDomain.net — I’ve reviewed plenty of games, usually Western ones. But on my recent trip to China I came across a great local game called, in English, Immortal Conquest. Developed by Object Software, Immortal Conquest has all the makings of a great MMO RPG. It is definitely worth checking out.

All following images courtesy: Object Software

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First off, the graphics are stunning. The images are highly realistic mpa with interactive 3-D features, which really lets the game explode off the page. I love great graphics, and a lot of other RPGs lack this kind of detail.

The 3-D mechanics are so impressive that some gamers actually toned down the graphics because it made them dizzy.

This is best illustrated in the character models — outfits literally fly in the computer-generated wind.

In terms of mechanics, the game allows a wide variety of attack moves. Most RPGs have bland, repetitive attacks that get boring fast.

A good example: While playing, my smoking hot fire-element girl partner and I decided to fight some baddies. On my side of the screen an 18-year-old gamer mashes down buttons. But on the other side my girl attacks with a ton of moves, from a phoenix slash to the epic dragon burn of fury. It feels like my character is from a Jet Li movie, attacking to the sound of the Wu Tang Clan.


In terms of traditional themes, this game is a classic fantasy-style RPG. But Immortal Conquest emphasizes the role of spell-casting and elemental attacks while dialing back on the usual abundance of medieval weapons.

I’m usually skeptical of magic in games — the idea of roasting a host of enemies like a July 4th BBQ isn’t what I call fun. Yet I found Immortal Conquest to be well-balanced, and that even made the magic fun. The crazier the spell, the higher the damage. And there are no Armageddon attacks like usual. They do look great though.

Based on the theme, mechanics and graphics of this game, I would say it has the potential to became a new Age of Wushu. Here you get to select from five different characters, each with their own unique weapon and element. And, like all Oriental-style fantasy RPGs, pandas and kung-fu are included.


Pros and Cons

Great as Immortal Conquest is, I found a few drawbacks.

The characters are well-designed on the surface, but they have a serious lack of variety. No options for different outfits, moldable faces or crazy hair. None.

That’s a big drawback because one of the most-important parts of an RPG is its ability to let you change your character. In an MMO RPG, your character is your online identity. So when you can’t change it, everyone ends up looking the same. This leads to less self-expression, and for me, less visual interest over all.

The game’s quests are also heavily linear and highly scripted. There is no free world to roam, like in many other game series. This is no Assassin’s Creed.

Immortal Conquest also has a classic point A to point B-type gameplay, which disappoints me greatly. Usually a certain section of these games are explorable. The ability to move anywhere captures the essence of adventure that a player might desire when they start up an RPG.

Overall, I would give this game a six out of 10. Even though the graphics and mechanics are unbelievably top notch, the game lacks the exploration theme that should be present in an RPG. That, coupled with limited customization, means Immortal Conquest misses some major marks.

While the game lacks English localization — sorry — I would encourage anyone who has some knowledge of Mandarin to check it out at the download link HERE.

All images in this article courtesy: Object Software

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