NSA Rectal Sampling Privacy Shocker: Ted Rall

With revelations about the NSA’s XKEYSCORE system plus PRISM and ECHELON monitoring everything, rectal sampling is the next privacy shocker, Ted Rall ….

aNewDomain.net — The NSA is collecting, through its PRISM electronic surveillance program, all your email, chat and video communications. Through its ECHELON program, the government is logging and listening in to phone calls, too. We also know that the U.S. Postal Service scans billions of pieces of snail mail every year.

And the recent revelation from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden — now granted temporary asylum in Russia — reveals the NSA Keyscore project. This collects all data on browsing the web and searches everything everyone does online. What’s next? Butt scraping. So I did up this original cartoon for aNewDomain.net. I’m Ted Rall.

Based in Boston, Ted Rall is a nationally-syndicated columnist, editorial cartoonist and war correspondent who specializes in Afghanistan and Central Asia. The author of 17 books, most-recently published The Book of Obama: How We Went From Hope and Change to the Age of Revolt, Rall is twice the winner of the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award and is a Pulitzer Prize finalist. Follow him @TedRall, check out his Facebook fan page and definitely follow his Google+ stream here. Ted’s upcoming book After We Kill You, We Will Welcome You As Honored Guests: Unembedded in Afghanistan is due out in 2014.

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