XBox Sign Out: XBox One Call of Duty: Ghosts Trolling (video)

Written by Gina Smith

With the success of Microsoft XBox One comes inevitable trolls. Here’s the Xbox Sign Out gag from one user — and a solution for you. Video. — During CES 2014, Microsoft announced it has moved some three million Xbox One consoles worldwide in 2013. Not bad, considering that Sony sold four million plus Sony PlayStation 4 units in the same period. But ah, with success comes trolls and pranks. Like this gag from Master Of Luck, Xbox Sign Out.

In the video below, Master Of Luck exhorts players of Call of Duty: Ghosts to say his tag out loud. When players say the words, “Xbox Sign Out,” the Kinect system, of course, hears it as a voice command. It shuts off the service. Don’t like such reindeer games? Unplug your Kinect. Easy. Or keep your play groups private, kiddo. Here’s the video.

Video: Master of Luck YouTube Channel and Videogames YouTube Channel

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