World of Warcraft: The Beauty of Flying in Draenor [gallery]

Moon over Nagrand draenor
Written by Mark Kaelin

Until recently, you could not fly in Draenor, but after persistent player lobbying Blizzard relented. Mark Kaelin gives a massive flying tour of Draenor.

aNewDomain — When the developers of World of Warcraft released the Warlords of Draenor expansion, they made it abundantly clear that players would not be allowed to fly in the new zone. Flying had been an integral part of World of Warcraft for years in the past. There were some good reasons for the¬†decision, but the player-base was insistent that flying be reinstated in the game somehow.

After much debate, Blizzard Entertainment relented and put flying mounts back into the game for Draenor with one condition — players would have to earn the right to fly by completing a rather substantial set of quests. The quests comprise the Draenor Pathfinder Achievement.

With a flying mount, players can reach some interesting places they could never reach before.

Here’s my elaborate — and I hope you think stunning — flying gallery of Draenor. Enjoy.

warlords of draenor Horde Garrison

This a view of my garrison in Frostfire Ridge.

warlords of draenor Grom'gar

I wanted a good shot of the Colossus in Frostfire Ridge. This angle is only possible with a flying mount.

warlords of draenor Frostfire Ridge

Potential desktop wallpaper.

warlords of draenor Fighting mobs

On the ground you have be careful where you travel in Gorgrond.

warlords of draenor Gorgrond

This is Gorgrond from its highest peak.

warlords of draenor Grogrond danger

That is a boss monster and he is not happy. I don’t know if he’s ever happy …

warlords of draenor Talador harbor

Your story takes a decisive turn in this harbor in Talador.

warlords of draenor Shattrath City

It’s hard to tell from this distance, but Shattrath City is under siege.

warlords of draenor Auchindoun

Everyone wants to control the power of Auchindoun.

warlords of draenor Spires of Arak

A good look at the Spires of Arak.

warlords of draenor Arak peaks

You can see why flying is important to everyone in this zone.

warlords of draenor Nagrand

This is the entrance to Nagrand.

warlords of draenor Nagrand looking back

The peak of this mountain in Nagrand is only reachable by flying mount. That is Shattrath City from a different angle.

Nagrand Puzzle world of warcraft

Figuring out how to get to certain spots in Nagrand on the ground was a puzzle.

 Highmaul approach world of warcraft

That is Highmaul — the stronghold of the Ogres.

 Highmaul world of warcraft

A closer look at Highmaul.

 Nagrand moon

Nagrand is my favorite zone in all the World of Warcraft. My garrison is just across the sea.

 Horde garrison again

We are back at my garrison, only facing north this time.

 Shadowmoon Valley

This is the view from my Alliance garrison in Shadowmoon Valley.

Anguish Fortress

That is Anguish Fortress. You’ll spend some time there trying to save Draenor. And who wouldn’t want to save this place?

warlords of draenor Moon over valley

Another potential desktop background.

warlords of draenor Moonwillow Peak

You will have a very disturbing vision here — a vision you cannot allow to come true.


The ability to use flying mounts in Draenor changes one’s perspective in the game and provides some opportunities to explore areas inaccessible in the past. If you play World of Warcraft, you should definitely complete the Draenor Pathfinder Achievement. It’s well worth the time investment.

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All screenshots: Mark Kaelin