Doctor Who Time Vortex 360: An Awesome Gift for Time Lords

doctor who time vortex 360 review game
Written by Gina Smith

If you’re a Doctor Who fanatic or just know someone who is, Doctor Who Time Vortex 360 could be the perfect gift. Here’s why. By GINA SMITH

aNewDomain — Here’s a great gift for the Doctor Who geeks on your list. Or maybe you are that Doctor Who geek. Either way, check out the BBC’s Doctor Who Time Vortex 360 game.

Now available for Google Cardboard, Daydream, Samsung Gear VR and HTC Vive, this updated title lets you maneuver your very own TARDIS through virtual time and space.

The browser-based game is available on Android and Apple iOS, too, via Safari or mobile versions of Firefox or Chrome. The game is also available for Android and iOS on phones and tablets using mobile versions of Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

One of the big improvements of this update is that, instead of just being stuck in one time vortex, you now can move through multiple time vortexes based on the original 1960s series, the 1980s reboot and the latest iteration, too.

To what end? Well, to no end, really.

The game is goal-free, but it does get more and more difficult to navigate the obstacles it throws at you the more you play. In other words, time improves this title, which is fitting considering the subject.

When worlds collide

BBC Digital Drama producer Ian Richardson, who developed Doctor Who Time Vortex 360 for the BBC, says the work was all about “colliding the worlds of casual gaming and 360” while creating something “visually intense.

“The Doctor Who brand has always played with big concepts, and has always innovated both on screen and digitally,” he added.

That was the spirit in which his team approached this title, which combines HTML5 and WebGL (using PixiJS version 5.)

The title makes full use of mobile device accelerometers, too. That allows you to move forward and backward in time, for instance, just by turning around.

We realize Doctor Who isn’t to everybody’s taste — and certainly there are more feature-rich sci-fi themed VR games out there. But it’ll be just the thing for the timelord on your list. Even if it’s you.

Find out more about Doctor Who Time Vortex 360 below.

For aNewDomain, I’m Gina Smith.