CES 2014: Long and Tall, VIZIO UHD TV (analysis)

Written by Alfred Poor

At CES 2014, 4K television — aka ultra high definition or UHD — were everywhere. Our Alfred Poor focuses on the VIZIO UHD TV. It’s long, tall and powerful … here’s why.

aNewDomain.net — Well that didn’t take long! At CES 2014, 4K television — also known as ultra high definition or UHD — is all over the place. Never mind that there is precious little content available yet, or that what content there is will likely have to be streamed over the Internet.

TV makers are forging ahead with this new format that effectively glues four standard HD panels into one high-resolution extravaganza. And one of the most-extravagant displays of UHD was hidden away in a private meeting room inside the Wynn here in Las Vegas. This is where VIZIO is showing off its new products. I got a chance to give them a good look, up close and personal.

The most-impressive models were the company’s new Performance Series televisions. These UHD sets have quad-core processors inside to handle the graphics tasks. Plus there’s an additional dual-core computer to take care of the housekeeping. The sets also have some other high performance features, including 802.11ac high-speed Wi-Fi support and a hardware-driven HEVC decoder. And they come with room-filling 5.1 sound and a wireless 10-inch sub-woofer.

VIZIO's new Reference Series UHD television is 120" diagonal.

VIZIO’s new Reference Series UHD television is 120″ diagonal. Image credit: Alfred Poor

Speaking of room-filling, the small model in the Reference Series is an impressive but familiar 65″. The large model checks in at a breathtaking 120″ diagonal. That’s bigger than many mattresses! So make sure that you have a door big enough for it to fit through before you place your order.

Fortunately, you’ll have some time to get your remodeling finished. VIZIO says that the display is set to ship some time this summer. And they have not announced a price for it yet either, so start saving your loose change now. You’ll probably need it.

For aNewDomain.net, I’m Alfred Poor.

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