Unmonday: Ex Nokia Designer’s Multichannel, Wireless Speakers (preview)

Written by Gina Smith

Ex-Nokia industrial designer and Unmonday founder Jarkko Jämsén announces multi-channel, wireless, hexagonal-shaped speakers for Apple devices. Here’s more.

aNewDomain.net — Unmonday launched its hexagonal-shaped, multi-channel wireless ceramic speaker system today. The firm, headed by former Nokia headset designer Jarkko Jämsén, said it is the world’s first wireless multi-channel speaker that recognizes the sound required simply by positioning the speaker.

At Nokia, Jämsén was a designer and had patented a headset design, a patent search shows.


As for the new Unmonday speakers, execs said the hexagonal design:

“… represents six distinct settings and by positioning the speaker on the correct respective side, you can use the speaker for front right, front left, rear-right, rear-left, or centre speaker as your primary, or, switch (it) to mono mode…”

Because these speakers will stream audio from your Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, Apple iPad or Mac using Wi-Fi. This is across one to five speakers, so mono, stereo, multi-room and SurroundSound is possible.

And because its Wi-Fi, the system will work even when there’s no network coverage.


Other features include a built-in power adaptor, Air Play receiver, motion sensor tech and the capability to play up to eight hours of audio wirelessly.

Scroll below for more tech specs. I’ve embedded the technical design doc — fair warning: It’s in Finnish — below the fold.

Image credit: Unmonday

Here’s a tech doc explaining the advances in play here. You don’t need to speak Finnish to understand it. The pictures and specs say it all. We’re looking into the design patents behind this innovation and eagerly await a unit to review. The firm’s CEO says Unmonday’s speaker sound is indescribably great. We’ll be backing that up with a review here at aNewDomain.

For aNewDomain.net, I’m Gina Smith.

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