Mostly Mobile Reviews: Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse & Keyspan PRO3

Written by Todd Ogasawara

In today’s episode of Mostly Mobile Reviews, Todd Ogasawara takes a look at the Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse. Also, Jon Westfall discusses the Keyspan PR-PRO3 Presentation Remote. Video … — In today’s edition of Mostly Mobile Reviews, our Todd Ogasawara takes a look at the Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse. This $50 device has a touch strip at the top of the mouse where you usually find a scroll wheel. It lets you make horizontal and vertical movements and swipe through documents and screens, all without moving the mouse itself.

You don’t need a connector dongle, either. The Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse is Bluetooth enabled, which works without a USB or any other connector — for instance, on a Windows 8.1 tablet. And its Blue Track technology makes it functional on nearly any surface.

Jon Westfall speaks about the $55 Keyspan PR-PRO3 Presentation Remote, a presentation remote control. In addition to the standard remote presenter controls, the PR-PRO3 also has a mouse control with left and right buttons, letting you control all aspects of your presentation. The device works with both Windows and Mac OS/X-based computers.

See the video below for an in-depth review and more, here in another geeky edition of Mostly Mobile Reviews.

Video credit: Jon and Todd’s Mostly Mobile Reveiws

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