Freeware Friday: TextSecure for Android

If you’re an Android user concerned data privacy, our Mat Lee highly recommends encryption program TextSecure for Android. It’s free. And it works. — Online privacy is an illusion. The Internet works in such a way that true privacy is impossible. Sure, we control our computers. But we do so only to a degree. Consider what happens when you connect to a wireless network, as practically everyone does daily. When you do, your privacy is gone. This story explains why TextSecure for Android is a great solution.

Cryptographically-sound implementations of solid ciphers that encapsulate your data are key. Open source developer Open Whisper Systems designed TextSecure for Android as a way of helping you more-completely secure your data from prying eyes. I highly recommend this app.

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TextSecure offers both wire and local encryption. In other words, it not only will encrypt all text messages on the device but it will also encrypt messages when dealing with other TextSecure users.

Here’s how it works. If you text another TextSecure user,  either of you is able to start a secure session. You just wait for the key exchange to occur. And then, viola, you’ll see all your messages initiate secure sessions. Wait for the key exchange to happen. The system will encrypt your messages in transit and decrypt them on the recipient’s device.

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It’ll work for small companies or enterprises. Think about it. If your company uses Android, TextSecure just adds another layer to protect communications among employees.

So, if you’re an IT Pro, think of TextSecure as protection. Even if your employees lose their device, as long as they used TextSecure, all of the messages would be encrypted and safe.

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For more on how and why encryption works, check out this great article on .

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