Cassandra Chin: On Creative Marketing vs Big Data

Written by Cassandra Chin

Our Cassandra Chin explains why.creative marketing has a leg up on Big Data. Let her count the ways. — Sure, data collection is faster and more efficient than ever. Super computers and improved data processing make that a given. But creative marketing is the real key to advertising.

It’s only a matter of time before Big Data is able to deliver products and ads, but it hasn’t happened yet. Just ask Mark Warren, the the president of Warren Business & Technology Integration.

In fact, he goes so far as to say creative marketing will always trump cold Big Data. He says:

It would be like putting every meal you’ve ever eaten into a blender – the end result would be as palatable as an attempt to replace creative marketing with a distillation of a virtually infinite blender full of data,” Warren explained. “I think the solution is that there will always be a requirement for creative marketing.”

A Closer Look: Big Data and Marketing

Big Data, a term that generallly describes huge and complicated sets of data, is a tech easily available to most companies. Using Big Data, for example, a company can easily and quickly quantify such things as the number of people tuned into a Super Bowl ad. Or it could track user activity on a social media site. Big Data is on its way toward changing marketing strategies across the board.

Creative Marketing vs. Big Data

Companies just use analytics to compare immense data sets — data that their sophisticated Big Data tools capture over time.

Nevertheless, the role of creative marketing is still key to advertising and marketing as a whole.

Adrian Duyzer, chief technology officer for the design and marketing firm Factor[e], agreed, agrees that Big Data is going to have a hard time replacing good, old-fashioned creative marketing. He says:

I don’t see where those things overlap … it’ll be hard to ever replace the duties of a creative marketing team.”

And marketers will still have to do their homework, after all. Says Warren:

A good creative marketing team will do their homework .. which will include the analysis of the available data … but “the creative part of creative marketing will find synergy between data analysis and adding just a pinch of … the art-meets-science approach to … recommendations on how a product or service should evolve to meet and anticipate market needs.”

Warren adds that one secret of great advertising lies in the art of knowing what data should be excluded. That’s a role ideal for creative marketers, as opposed to Big Data algorithms.

For, I’m Cassandra Chin.

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