Ted Rall LA Times LAPD Scandal: On Hating Ted [cartoon]

Ted Rall LA Times LAPD cartoon.
Written by Ted Rall

Even after the AAEC called for an investigation in the Ted Rall LA Times LAPD scandal, the cartoonist found that few media wanted to cover him. Here’s why. [Ted Rall cartoon]

aNewDomain — The Assocation of American Editorial Cartoonists (AAEC) issued a formal statement calling for an investigation of The Los Angeles Timesfiring of me, Ted Rall. The dismissal was allegedly as a favor to the LAPD because I criticized police brutality. In the aftermath, I found it difficult to get support from, well, anybody. That’s because one of the defining aspects of satire is that, eventually, you end up making fun of everyone. And everyone ends up hating you.

ted rall la times lapd scandal cartoon

Ted Rall LA Times LAPD cartoon: Ted Rall


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