Ted Rall LA Times LAPD Scandal: Summertime Blues [cartoon]

ted rall latimes lapd scandal cartoon summertime blues
Written by Ted Rall

The Ted Rall LA Times LAPD scandal broke in July. Here’s what the cartoonist has to say now about the media coverage that resulted — or the lack thereof.

aNewDomain commentary — During the dog days of summer, I discovered that it’s extraordinarily difficult to get the media or any my colleagues interested in my firing by the LA Times at the behest of the LAPD, which editors said provided them a tape. A tampered tape that, once enhanced, wound up exonerating me. Maybe their silence had nothing to do with summer vacation.

And then this happened …

Ted Rall LA Times LAPD Scandal
Ted Rall LA Times LAPD scandal cartoon: Ted Rall

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