How to Keep Your Home in Good Shape for Winter

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Written by Brian Wallace

While summer might be the season you want to be sipping some mocktails in the garden and not one where you want to start doing chores around the house, it is actually a good time to begin surveying the work that needs to be done before the weather takes a turn for the cold and damp.

So, with that in mind, this piece will look at how to keep your home in good shape for winter.

Read on for some top tips!

Get the Heating System Checked

The heating is the last thing you need in summer usually, but the heating breaking is the last thing you want happening as you move into winter, especially if it is going to be a cold snap. 

Summer is the best time to check, renew, or replace your heating system. Not only will you most likely find some excellent deals due to the season, but you might also find that engineers are not as busy as they might be in winter, and you will be able to get your system repaired quickly in an emergency.

Check the Roof 

The roof is a very important part of your house, so if something is wrong with it, summer is the time to find out! You don’t want to wait until the winter to discover a rogue leak in the bedroom or some loose tiles after a windstorm that could have been prevented.

Check that your roof is in good condition. Ensure there are no missing or loose tiles, that you can’t spot any holes, and that your roof is safe. If you are not sure, it will always be best to contact a professional to check over your roof for you. If you do find that your roof is a little worse for wear, then hire a professional asphalt roof shingle installation company to help replace any shingles or renovate your roof entirely. Maintaining your roof is always a good investment as it can protect the value of your home and prevent damage that is hard to fix. 

Patch up the Drafts and Insulation

The drafts might be welcome in the heat, but by the time winter comes around and those heating costs start to rise again, you are going to wish you had sorted out any holes and gaps beforehand. Not only will this be important for heat conservation, but it can also help keep other problems at bay, such as rodent infestation.

You might find that some insulation needs to be upgraded in your home to help provide better warming support, or you might need to add some additional insulation to help keep things extra toasty.

Get the Fireplace Ready

If you are lucky enough to have the means for a cozy open fire this winter, then make sure everything is prepared for the moment you need to light the logs.

Clear everything out from in and around the fireplace, and get the chimney professionally swept (or do it yourself) to ensure it will be safe to use when you need that additional heat source over the winter.