Steve Jobs on YouTube: Rounding Up the Classics

Written by Gina Smith

What are your favorite Steve Jobs moments on YouTube? On the fifth anniversary of the Apple cofounder’s death, we’re rounding them up and taking suggestions

aNewDomain — Today is October 5, 2014, the thirdĀ anniversary of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs death. We’re rounding up the top Steve Jobs-related YouTube moments — and the hard to find ones. Got a recommendation for us? Email me at or send me a note via Google + through my +Gina Smith page.

Here’s Steve Jobs in an interview, taped just before his 1998 return to Apple. Jobs, who co-founded Apple with inventor Steve Wozniak, was ousted in 1985 and replaced by Pepsi’s John Sculley.

At this D conference, Steve Jobs repeats an interview I had with former Apple CEO Gil Amelio at a mid 1990s party in Silicon Valley. He got this story from his best friend, the Oracle founder Larry Ellison, who was standing behind me.

Here is the famed 60 Minutes TV interview featuring Steve Jobs. Long, but worth it.

Steve Jobs introduces the Apple Store with great aplomb.

Were you at this WWDC conference in 2007, where Apple’s now famous I’m a PC/I’m a Mac ad took an unexpected turn? Check it out below.

By now, most everyone’s heard about Steve Jobs’ infamous temper, previously known only to close friends, employees and, yes, journalists. Here’s a compilation of some of the most pissed off Steve Jobs moments around.

This is pretty rare footage of a 1980 Steve Jobs presentation, gifted by Regis McKenna to The Computer History Museum for its Steve Jobs tribute. Check that out here.

It’s Steve Jobs pitting the whole of Android against the Apple iPhone — and warning mobile virus writers that, if you do it on Apple iOS, Steve Jobs will “call your parents.” LOL.

This is widely considered to be Steve Jobs’ goodbye speech, where he talks about the 20-something donor of his new liver.

Here are Bill Gates and Steve Jobs squaring off at a 2007 D Conference with Walt Mossberg. It’s full of memorable moments.

Here’s Steve Jobs’s last known public appearance in June 2011, four months before he died.

What are your favorite Steve Jobs video moments from YouTube? Email me with your entries and comments at

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