Apple iPhone 6: It Just Warps

Written by Joy Ma

The Apple iPhone 6 bends easily, giving a new meaning to the Apple slogan “it just works.” Or is it “it just warps?”

aNewDomain — Time was when you bought an Apple product, you’d know it’d live up to the Apple slogan of “it just works.” Well, now Apple CEO Tim Cook has added one more thing. The Apple iPhone 6 just … well, works isn’t the right word at all, is it? The Apple iPhone 6 just bends to your needs.

Apple iPhone 6 bends to your needs.

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  • What an utterly useless article! Are you trying to make the stock price drop in a short selling schem or what? The phone doesnt “warp” “bend” or anything else unless you treat it in some manner other then normal for a ultra thin light device PERIOD!