MobileViews: Windows 10 Technical Preview, iOS 8 Mail Crashes

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Written by Todd Ogasawara

Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview. iOS 8 mail app problems. Product picks. Konspiracy Korne. MobileViews Podcast.

aNewDomain — Time for another MobileViews Podcast, with me (Todd Ogasawara) and Jon Westfall. We focus on Windows 10 and Apple iOS issues this time around. See the video and scroll below the fold for a summation of our discussion, which ranges from MS Windows 10 Technical Preview, to Apple iOS 8 mail app crashes and the passing of IBM’s Lotus 1-2-3.

On this show, we discussed:

  • The recently released Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview. I upgraded my Dell Venue 8 Pro tablet from Windows 8.1 to the preview release. You can learn how the installation went for me, some initial impressions, and an overall initial thumbs up or down assessment.
  • The products rumored for announcement at Apple’s event later this month.
  • Jon and I have both had problems with Apple iOS 8’s Mail app crashing on an Apple iPhone 5 (mine) and the Apple iPhone 6 Plus (his).
  • We note the passing of Lotus 1-2-3 (owned by IBM).
  • Product picks: Post-It Note Plus for iOS 8 is my pick. Jon talks about two OS/X applications: TextExpander and Drafts.
  • And, finally, in the quasi-regular Konspiracy Korner segment, we discuss recent satellite based work that results in more detailed information about the bottom of the oceans. Is a search for Atlantis underway?

For aNewDomain with Todd and Jon’s Weekly Review Spotlight, I’m Todd Ogasawara.

Featured Image: By European People’s Party (EPP Summit 29 October 2009) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons