Smile, Take a Walk, Relax: Science of Happiness (infographic)

Feeling bummed out? Check out the Science of Happiness infographic to find out why ethnic Norwegians like me are so damned happy all the time. Great info. — Researchers have long looked into the science of happiness. They also study the science of fulfillment, as Abraham Maslow famously did. It’s all right here in the Science of Happiness infographic.

You expect to see that increased exercise outdoors — just 20 minutes a day — leads to better moods. But did you know that 58 degree Fahrenheit weather — that’s 13.9 degrees C — is the optimal temperature for happiness? That explains why ethnic Norwegians and Swedes like me are just so danged happy-go-lucky. And in regards to all those new tech toys you’ve been lusting after since CES 2014, easy does it. It turns out that rampant consumerism is the biggest bummer at all. Spend wisely. Form lasting relationships. Get up and move around.

Solid advice. Check out the Science of Happiness infographic below.


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