Pixeom Personal Cloud Device: Why It’s Raging On Kickstarter (analysis)

Written by Gina Smith

Just a couple weeks after its debut, Pixeom is within 2K of its 50K Kickstarter goal. What’s so hot about the portable, private Pixeom personal cloud device? Analysis. VIDEO.

aNewDomain.net — If you’re sick of data centers for your cloud services, and also no fan of the fees, usage limits and iffy data security that usually are part of the bargain, here’s an alternative. The Pixeom personal cloud device is a small, low-power personal cloud device that lets you put your data, employee collaboration systems and other personal or corporate data on a cloud you control. And it also lets you broadcast and share the data you select.

It’s all encrypted via a Raspberry Pi system. Hide or broadcast selected programs and data via built-in apps that are loaded on its 16GB SD card. For more details, scroll to the bottom of this piece and check out my interview with Pixeom’s CEO Sam Nagar at CES 2014.

The idea of Pixeom’s personal cloud device and optional broadcasting and exchange service sure is hitting a chord on Kickstarter. Just three weeks after it debuted on Kickstarter, it’s $2,000 away from its $50K goal.

The device is expandable, too, carrying two USB ports to connect multiple Pixeom devices or to add external hard disks. Those USB ports mean “you’re able to connect together multiple devices to increase storage capacity and mirror your data — endlessly.” This told to me by an exec in the video interview below. The option to connect devices reduces downtime and cost, he added.

the Pixeom Personal Exchange Network — accessible via Apple iOS, Android and PC apps — lets you open up a data or system exchange with other users. The main idea here is that, with Pixeon, companies and individuals are able to share on the personal cloud just the data they want, and keep all sensitive or personal data to themselves. And what’s up is encrypted and secure.

The idea to use Raspberry Pi, shown below, came when the CEO’s girlfriend gave it to him for his birthday. Previously, Sam Nagar and team were considering an Arduino device.


Expect a full review on the new Raspberry Pi-based Pixeom device here at aNewDomain. In the meantime, check out my interview with the folks at Pixeom below. Pixeom CEO Sam Nagar showed me the Pixeom personal cloud device at the ShowStoppers press event at CES 2014 in early January.

Video: Kerry Kinsey for aNewDomain, producer Justin Webb, shooter Marc Klempf for aNewDomainTV

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