A Real Nerd is Ashamed? Nerd Video Public Service Announcement, For Real?

Written by David Street

Nerd Video: Should you be ashamed to be a nerd? Here’s a video that says: yes. Totally. Partly satire, it must be — but there’s a grain of painful truth to it, no? Amazing, poignant video. He is ashamed to be a nerd and resents the unashamed who claim they are nerds. It’s an oxymoron. Do you agree?

aNewDomain.net — On Google + just a few minutes ago, I reposted one of our favorite infographics ever — it’s the Are You You A Geek or Nerd flowchart. But someone online — I hesitate to reveal his identity — shared this with me. It’s the I’m Ashamed to Be a Real Nerd Video.

Really. He says, “A girl who goes to see The Avengers is not a nerd,” and then goes on. “I am a nerd. And a real nerd is ashamed to be one.” Really? Come on!

This, like all satire, has some truth to it. What’s your reaction? It’s theĀ Portlandia – Nerd PSA

Source: Smatthew88 via YouTube


  • Parodies are not successful unless they contain a bit of truth to them. I’ve noticed “geek” and “nerd” becoming more mainstream over the years and now the words don’t have the same meaning (sting) they did when I was growing up. But I guess I don’t see the harm in this either. If The Big Bang Theory lets young kids know it’s ok to be intelligent and proficient in math and science then more power to them.

    If I had known 35 years ago, that jocks and preps who used to ignore me at best and pummel me at worst would someday be working for me, I might have enjoyed my high school years much more. Let them pretend to be geeks and nerds all they want. We know better.