Linux Command Cheat Sheet, Valentine’s Day Gift for Linux Lovers and You

Written by Gina Smith

Check this out — it’s the ultimate Linux Cheat Sheet. Post it yourself or share it with someone you love who loves Linux. Now that’s one hunk of a loving Valentine’s Day present. Valentine’s Day 2013. — We have more GNU/Linux geeks at than any team I’ve ever served as an editor in chief or director. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one, too. Check out this handy Linux command cheat sheet from Dave Child — embedded in place below — and keep an eye on unplugged — launching soon as our spin-off site for geeks like you at the url

Love this. It’ll come in handy for you, or for those you support with Linux tech at home or work. You might even post it, Linux genius that you are, as an emergency Linux Command Cheat Sheet for those days when your eyes are just too tired to pop in the proper command and you need to double-check. We know. Not enough sleep. A mark of a true Linux geek.

Linux Command Cheat Sheet from Davechild Linux Command Line — at with Gina Smith, John C. D… by

Linux Command cheat sheet image

Linux Command Cheat sheet concept art: Wikimedia Commons

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